You don’t have to know HOW

This past May, I went out on the land in Utah to enact a Vision Fast, something I have been preparing for since last October.

It was magical. It was intense. It was harrowing. It was lonely. It was powerful. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. Ever.

And – I DID IT. I fasted from food for 4 days. I prayed. I sat with myself out on the land through sun, rain, wind and hail. I enacted rituals. I conversed with the Others.

I followed through on a dream.  And it was freaking awesome.

But just 15 months ago, I had NO CLUE  how I would ever make something like this happen.

I was working full time and was frequently needed at a moment’s notice, so taking off for an extended period of time was sort of unthinkable. Besides, I only got so much vacation time.

I only had a dream of what I wanted to do, a vision (no pun intended). And no idea HOW it would ever happen.

Fast forward about a year:  I get laid off (a big blessing). Suddenly, my dream begins to seem quite possible.

Two months later: I enroll myself in a yearlong program that revolved around a Vision Fast.

In October of last year, I began that program.

And in May, I completed my first Vision Fast.

Here’s my point:

YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW your dream, vision or goal is going to work out.
You just need to know WHAT you want.

Things often work out in ways that we could never, ever expect them to (I’m sure you have examples of this from your own life). When we create our vision within, it has a funny way of manifesting without.

If you’ve been trying to figure out HOW to make something happen, just for today, I encourage you to let it go and simply focus on how you want to feel and what it will be like once it has arrived.

Sweetest summer blessings,

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