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“Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard.”

– from the song “You’ve Got Time,” by Regina Spektor

If you’ve ever meditated, you know the truth of the lyric above.

It’s easy to keep moving, keep distracting ourselves with one thing or another.

It can be much harder indeed to stand still.

To stay the course and play the long game can be tough, especially when it appears as if nothing’s happening and we’re getting nowhere.

When the deal hasn’t closed.
When the answer to a specific quandary isn’t clear or coming.
When no one is getting back to our calls or emails.
When we’re learning a new skill and we feel like we’ll never be any good.

When it appears as if nothing is moving, we may just feel like getting up, wiping our hands clean, and walking away.

But this is exactly when things get REAL.

THIS is when the true opportunity emerges.

THIS is when you get the chance to CHOOSE who and how you want to be, and live into THAT.

THIS is when your pure potential arises.

By staying the course, we are BECOMING each and every step of the way.
Even when it seems like we are standing still.

With tremendous love, support and a HUG,


Standing still is hard

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