On Being.

Last year, I went on my very first Vision Quest. It was THE most intense thing I’ve ever done.

While I am still unpacking the myriad gifts from this life-altering ceremony, here is one thing that’s become glaringly clear to me:

It’s all in the BEING.

Yup – Being is everything.

It’s like this:  who I’m being in each moment is much more powerful than what I am doing.

Sure, doing is important, but I believe that who I’m being is even more important, more powerful. Who I’m being says volumes about me, even if I don’t actually say a word. People can feel my being-ness. Being-ness translates.

And I get lots of opportunities to choose who I’m being every single day.

Throughout the day, I get to choose:

Am I being right or am I being loving?
Am I being courageous or am I being fearful?
Am I being generous or stingy?
Am I being a victim or an owner?

And many other choices, too.

Right now, I’m choosing to be courageous. I’m choosing to be committed. I’m choosing to be real.

Who are you choosing to be?

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