I’m Gage. Why should you care? Good question.

“Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.”

Well, here I go again. Oy.

I have just signed myself up for a 30 day blogging course on WordPress.com called “Blogging 101.”

Why? Well, by now I know myself well enough to get that there is someone inside of me who really wants to write and share her words with the world.

And yet, when it comes to actually sitting my butt down and DOING IT, that cheerleader who ‘Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah’ed me to sign up for the course isn’t anywhere to be found.

So much for support.

Oh well.

So who I am? And why should you care?

I’m Gage… Christine Bock (if you didn’t catch that in the header). I just turned 39 a few days ago. Which means that I am now keenly aware that I am getting older.

Which isn’t a problem, actually. I’m one of those people who rather likes getting older. I mean, I’m having waaaay more fun now in my life than ever before; I’m more confident, self-assured and bold. And I’m a LOT more forgiving with myself. Which is nice 🙂

What else should you know about me…

  • I’m a woman (sometimes my name confuses people)
  • I’m a life coach by profession, though I’m still trying to find a different term for what I do (I feel that “life coach” has such a cheesy connotation… ). Actually, Pat Benatar just popped into my head trying to help me with this title conundrum: “You’re a Heartbreaker (no…).. Dream Maker (well, maybe)… Love Taker (um, no)… “  Anyway.
  • I have a strange love for both Dr. Seuss & Shel Silverstein literature. I think I’m really a 5 year old in an adult body.
  • I live in Los Angeles, though I’m ready to move to a place with TONS more nature.
  • I fancy myself an artist, but not professionally. I love painting with watercolors & acrylics, and working with clay in my hands ~ that is, when I can get myself to stop working and actually do these things.

So why should you care? I’m actually not sure.

The real reason I’m here on this blog is because I want to be as open and honest and real and authentic in “public” as I can.

You see, I’ve felt a bit trapped due to these rules I’ve had around being a life coach. I’ve only been coaching for a few years now, and because I’m relatively new in the game I’ve felt that I needed to establish my reputation as a “professional” before I could share the real me.

When I began coaching, I was under the impression that anything I said or did publicly needed to be PERFECT and/or give the appearance that I HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT, because I was a Life Coach, after all! Yeah!


The thing is, I’ve always been the type of person who wants to get down to the real nitty gritty with people. I always want to peek behind the wizard’s curtain to see what’s really going on back there. You know, how he really feels after he’s had a rough day in Oz.

I’m tired of all of the “perfect” avatars I see online because I know that this is just one side of the story… one slice of the pie, one thread in the sweater, one patch on the quilt, one page in the book, one note in the opera… (somebody stop me!). You catch my drift.

What I want is to create a space for the REAL SHIT.

I am infinitely more moved, inspired and touched when someone shares their straight up truth – ugly bits and all – because it gives me a glimpse into something I can relate to – their humanity.

So that’s my intention with this blog.

My intention is to be as real, honest, open, imperfect and authentic as I can about what I’m experiencing and learning – as a life coach, as a student of life, and as a human being.

And I’d love to connect with other REAL people who are doing REAL things that they REALLY care about out in the world, too (entrepreneurial or artistic or whatever it is that really calls you forward out of your comfort zone). It can be a long lonely road sometimes, and so I find that it’s especially helpful to connect with others on the path.

What topics will I write about?

Self-doubt. Failure. Mistakes. The inner critics that keeps me down, and some things I’ve found to help. Working from home by myself and how hard that can be. The value of playing the long game, and practice, practice, practice. Mastery.

Of course, this blog will be me writing out to the world and sharing what’s on my mind, but my hope and intention is that it can somehow also become a place for you to go when you feel like you just want someone to relate to, someone who knows how tough it can be, and where you can just let your hair down and be a real person.



So…I’m Gage.

Nice to meet you, World.


3 thoughts on “I’m Gage. Why should you care? Good question.

  1. So refreshing – the idea of finding the real me! Feels like the pressure to perform in a particular manner is being taken away.

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