Earth Day 2015: Plant a Seed

Happy Earth Day!

Photo by Jordan McQueen

Photo by Jordan McQueen


Today, in honor of Mother Earth, I am planting a seed. It is an inner seed, a seed that not everyone can see. It’s not quite round and not quite not… it’s small and lumpy and full of secrets and magic…  I am planting a seed of the wild and sacred in me.

If you feel so moved, you might want to create a ritual and plant your own seed, too.

It can be a real seed that you might nurture and help grow, or it might be an inner seed that you choose to plant, one that you will cultivate throughout the rest of the year.

In any case, make sure that this seed is nurtured and protected, watered, fed and witnessed.


And just because I love asking questions, here are some questions to “seed” your field:

What in you longs to sink its roots into the earth now?

What kernel is popping?

What seed does the world need for you to plant and nurture now?


Your fellow farmer,



Mother Earth is not a resource, but rather the source of life itself.
-Chief Arvol Looking Horse


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