Wild Thang

There are times when I can get really down on myself (Can anyone relate? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?).

Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that what I have to offer isn’t good, valuable or original enough.

In coaching we say that this kind of thinking comes from the Saboteur: that part of us that tries to keep us safe by generally keeping us small. For instance, a Saboteur might fill one’s head with messages like, “I’m not creative enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not original enough. People will laugh at me if I… I’ll fail and embarrass myself if I….. I’m too old to….”  (more on Saboteurs in another post).


So recently I had a revelation having to do with apple trees and “good enough.”

Think about an apple tree for a moment:


An apple tree is genetically programmed to make apples. Each apple it produces is somewhat different: some are bigger, some smaller, some are more round, some are less round, some even come out as conjoined twins!  Yet, I’m most certain that the apple tree itself doesn’t judge its fruit. It just keeps producing, because that’s what it was ‘born’ to do.

Now imagine this:  You’re walking along one fine day and you come upon Ms. Apple Tree.

You notice that she looks a little strange; a bit less full somehow. Curious, you look more closely and you can see that she is hiding some of her “less perfect” fruit under her leaves and branches because she’s afraid of what you might think if you saw them. She doesn’t want you to see her imperfections.

Pretty funny, isn’t it?  The idea of an apple tree – or any wild thing, in that case – judging itself as less than perfect? It’s ridiculous!

Wild things don’t judge themselves. They just do whatever it is they were born to do.

Are we not wild things, too?

Photo by Anthony Delanoix

Photo by Anthony Delanoix


Big love and wild hugs,



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