I asked for it.

Photo by Dominik QN

Photo by Dominik QN



Last night I did something I now regret.

I wasn’t really thinking… or, well, I WAS, but, well, I don’t know… things just got away from me.

Today I came back to my senses, but it was too late.

What did I do?

I asked for it.

You see, last night I was at a Mastermind meeting with some of the most creative, powerful and wicked-smart women I know.

When it was my turn to share, I found myself saying that I wanted – no, NEEDED – to put myself out there more in the world, that I needed to share my REAL voice. I didn’t necessarily want to share it, but I felt I needed to, and part of the way that would happen would be through writing.

I then explained that I kept putting off writing because:  A) I didn’t want to sound like that hyped-up-on-green-juice life coach who has it all figured out and now shits pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows,  and B) because of that CRITIC who lives in my head. You might know the one… it’s the one who tells me I’m not good enough, my writing sucks, I don’t have anything original to say, and that I should just give up because no one’s interested in what I have to say anyway. Blah, blah, BLAH.

I did it to myself.

Before I knew it, I was telling them that I wanted to be held accountable. I wanted my feet held to the proverbial fire for putting myself out there in the form of a daily blog. That I wanted to build the muscle of a daily practice so that I could get better and more comfortable with sharing myself through writing.

And so I’m IN.

So last night I committed to posting a blog every day (every day that I have access to my computer, that is). It’s really a practice in facing my fear of putting my true voice out there and risking being judged, laughed at, or worse ~ no one even caring (Goddess forbid!!).

When all’s said and done, though, I’m doing this for me. I want to know FOR MYSELF that my fears can’t stop me. I want to know that I can feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY. And besides, a little bit of practice each day adds up to a lotta bit of experience over time.

As one of my heroes Seth Godin says, “Habits are more powerful than fears.”

Habitually yours,

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