Naming something too soon.

“Naming a force, creature, person or thing has several connotations. In cultures where names are chosen carefully for their magical or auspicious meanings, to know a person’s true name means to know the life path and the soul attributes of that person. And the reason the true name is often kept secret is to protect the owner of the name so that he or she might grow into the power of the name, to shelter it so that no one will either denigrate it or distract from it, and so that one’s spiritual authority can develop to its full proportions.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run with the Wolves


Wow. I love that: “…the reason the true name is often kept secret is to protect the owner of the name so that he or she might grow into the power of the name…”  This reminds me that revealing or naming something before it’s fully developed can sometimes be a hindrance to that thing’s growth.

Have you ever had a feeling or idea, some numinous knowing or sensation arise inside of you, and then right alongside it, the sense that it’s just not the right time to say anything about it? That, somehow, this thing needs time to gestate and germinate so that it can become what it’s really meant to be? Perhaps it’s not even a conscious knowing, but there is a sense that if you tried to put words to the thing or bring it out from within yourself, then somehow that would change it in some crucial way?


Sometimes my job is to NOT speak what’s bubbling up inside of me. Rather, sometimes my job is simply to nurture these seedlings ~ these ideas/dreams/hunches/knowings/becomings ~ turning them this way and that, watering them and protecting them, until one day THEY are ready to emerge into the light of day.





Photo by Paulina Moroz

Photo by Paulina Moroz


2 thoughts on “Naming something too soon.

  1. I love this Sage Unicorn, this rings so true for me. In my own growing I was not allowed to know the name of God, just trying to wrap my head around the depth of her/ him was so crazy. To find out later as a grown up that yes My God is more than a title it’s has a name, that I can call on directly but to not be said so vainly or freely as we call out names here in this time. This name commands praises and glory, it alerts the guardians of the higher heights. it has been abbreviated or replaced with Lord or YHWH throughout the ages. In its fullness and mysterious wonder, the grand architects name is YAHWEH. Blessings.

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