Habits, Raisins and Word UP.

Happy June!

And welcome to day 11 of my daily blog practice!  Thanks for visiting 🙂

I’ve been learning lots of great stuff with this daily habit.

AND, I am unsure if I will continue to publish daily. Not because I can’t, but more because I’m feeling that I’d rather do a semi-regular post twice a week or so. We’ll see.

Annnnnnyway, here’s what I’m aware of today.

The power of habits.

My daily habit of sitting down to write and publish something over the past 11 days has been very educational.

So today, just for you dear reader, I’m sharing my

Top 3 Lessons from the Daily Blog Road

Lesson # 1:  Just sit my butt down [JSMBD]

I’ve noticed that when I just sit my butt down and start typing, even if I don’t have a clue about what to write, the ideas have inevitably come. Simply the act of sitting down in front of a blank WordPress page and typing a few words has gotten my creative juices flowing and me out of inertia.

I’ve also been finding that JSMBD leads to more action and more ideas, and more blogs I want to write. So that’s pretty cool.

This technique of JSMBD also fits with all the research out there on habits: if we can break ours habits into the smallest, bite-size pieces and just take a super tiny action each day, that’s the start of a successful habit (for more great info how to build a habit, check out James Clear’s super rad post here).

“Make it so easy you can’t say no.”

-Leo Babuta

Learning #2. Let it be BAD.

I’ve also noticed that when I have tried to write something “good,” my thoughts freeze up, my fingers are slow to flow over the keyboard, and my heart withers up like a crusty old raisin (not to be dramatic or anything… ).

But seriously…. when I don’t really care if it what I’m writing is good or not, my fingers take on a life of their own and fly over the keys, making up whatever they want. I get dorky. I get out there. I get weird. But I have FUN!

So just let that first, second and third draft of whatever you’re making just be shit. Really! It’s a lot more fun, AND more productive in the long run.

Learning #3. The power of commitment [or, WORD UP]

I would not have been doing this daily blog had I not given my word to myself and my Mastermind group. But as a coach, I am well aware of the power of accountability, so I knew very well what I was doing.

Accountability and commitment are transformative. As is our word.

Our word is powerful. It can create. It can destroy. It is potential energy just waiting to be released.

So Word Up, my friends, and use yours wisely.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina


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