Day 1 of 100

Today I began my “100 Day Project”.

While it took me some time to really narrow down what I wanted to do or make every day for 100 days, I’m happy to report that I sort of side-stepped the whole “narrowing it down” bit and came up with my own concept:

100 Days of Creating

Yes! This means that for the next 100 days, I will create one thing a day.

As to not limit myself from the infinite possibilities, I can create anything:  a painting, a sculpture, an essay, a poem, a video, a conversation with a stranger, or even simply create awareness by writing in my patterning journal (more on the patterning journal in another post. For now, suffice it to say that it’s a really great tool to track one’s habitual thoughts, upsets, patterns, etc in order to gain awareness of them).

So, without further ado (and because I know you’re all just waiting with baited breath), here is Day 1:


“Tying the Knot”

Day 1

It’s a wall hanging!  And while it’s not the prettiest thing ever made, I am feeling proud 🙂

How ’bout that copper thread wrapped feather detail?!?!?

This is a tree knot I found up in Sequoia National Park a couple of weekends ago when I was backpacking with my husband-to-be (Wow. Now that’s strange to write).

And this is the knot below, anchoring the piece.


Day 1 – success 🙂

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