Think you’re not making a difference?

Does the pelican wonder if he’s doing anything meaningful with his life, making some great difference in the world?

Photo by Yair Hazout

Photo by Yair Hazout


He simply does his thing, gliding over waves, looking for fish. Up and down the coast, hour after hour, day after day. Fishing.

But without even realizing it, he is making an impact.

On one level, he impacts the environment by scooping up fish. There are certainly less fish in the ocean after he’s eaten.

But I argue that he’s making another, less visible difference – at least for me.

His funny beak and body touch something in me. His wide wings work themselves into my memory. His proud profile reminds me to stand a bit taller. His seeming stoicism soothes me, somehow.

But, you see, he has no idea of this difference he’s making for me. He’s just going about business as usual.


Who’s to say that you’re not making a difference to someone or something?

Just because you might not realize it doesn’t mean you’re not.

Photo by Dean Nahum

Photo by Dean Nahum


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