This, THIS, is my life  


This afternoon,

Standing at the kitchen sink,

Eating peaches straight from the can and

Gazing at the neighbor’s yard,

Narrowing in on the

Desolate pots there in the brown, dry dirt –

I think: this, THIS, is my life.


As nourishments descend toward

My belly, I note a feeling

Of satisfying some craving,

Some longing.


Things I resist: the mundane, the banal,

The ordinary, this – now.

Yet, for one heartbeat

All stops, and I taste acceptance.


My mind coalesces into this one

Moment, THIS moment,

And for just a breath

I accept the most average:

Staring out the kitchen window

At vacant pots and tawny dirt,

12:17pm on a Friday afternoon…

This banality, This ordinariness…


For just the fraction of an instant

I find acceptance and peace

In the routine and commonplace.



And the very next moment –

The judge wrangles her way back in.

“No, NO!” she protests,

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be!”


I see her, I hear her; sometimes I am her.



But for just a moment,

Just a few precious minutes ago,

Friday afternoon at 12:17pm,

I, eating peaches from a can,

Staring at the available pots in the oatmeal dirt,

Accept that this,


Is my Life.



2 thoughts on “This, THIS, is my life  

  1. LOVE THIS!! So fun to break through the judgment for a second and appreciate all that is…I love those moments and your poem captures it so eloquently!!

    Love u,

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