We are storytelling animals

 “We will never cease to be storytelling animals. But, we can change the stories we tell. We can choose which stories to tell. And in that lies our freedom.”

– Sam Keen


As a storytelling animal, what kinds of stories are you telling?

Are they stories of hope, courage, abundance and love? Are they tales of guilt, fear, lack or misfortune?

For example, we can tell stories of how, because we didn’t get the right upbringing/education/opportunities, we’re now not qualified/expert/educated enough; of how the other shoe can drop at any time (so beware; don’t be too happy or else..); or of how if we were only more ______ or less _____, then we’d have a better life/get ahead/be successful.

Or, we can tell stories about how good life actually is; how things just always seem to work out or how we’re “just lucky like that”; and/or about the many examples of love, kindness and generosity that are happening all around us all the time.

Sure – sad, bad and scary things happen, and feeling sad, bad or scared are totally appropriate responses. Yet, when we fall into a loop of telling the same kind of story (even unconsciously) over and over again, that’s when we might want to check ourselves and see if it’s actually the story we want to be telling.

We have a choice.

In each moment – even if we’re not aware of doing it –  we are choosing how and where to direct our attention. We choose what stories we’re telling about ourselves, about others, and about life. And make no mistake – these stories are extremely powerful and creative.

So …. what kind of story do you want to tell?

You get to choose.

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