Harvest time.

I was going back through some old writings recently and found something I wanted to share.

I wrote this about 4 years ago, right around the time I was just starting out as a life coach running my own business. It was a time of me feeling very green in what I was doing, yet also a time of pure potential.

I’m sharing it today for a few reasons:

1. As an ode to this earlier one of me;

2. As a reminder to myself (and whomever is reading this) that we are all in our own process of becoming, and that the process itself takes time – often much more than we’d like;

3. As a nudge and a friendly wink that you’re likely much more ready than you think you are. Right now. Today.  As you are.

Ok. Here goes.

(written sometime in 2012)

Today,  I am writing about something I know:  corn

As a Nebraskan, I was born with it in my blood.

Images of yellow kernels are imprinted on my being. Golden seeds nestled neatly into dense cobs, like good friends snuggling cozily together in a big green jacket.

As for these kernels… their days are long. They wait patiently to ripen throughout the season, just biding their time in their green cocoon. Hour after hour, day after day. Sunrise after sunset after sunrise. They wait.

And while it might not seem like anything is happening in that cocoon, they are indeed growing sweeter and juicer by the minute.

And then, one day, it’s harvest time.

Women and men shuck cobs with bare hands to get that sweet gold.  It’s celebration time!

If I were corn, right now I’d feel somewhere between a tiny green kernel and one who’s growing sweeter.

While I’m constantly looking forward to that day when I’ll feel “ready enough” or “ripe enough”, I also notice that I’m secretly enjoying the fact that my day of ripeness is always out there, somewhere, sometime in the future.  Someday… but not today.

I notice that I still want to claim youth, unripeness, because it’s easier.

And yet…I keep hearing inside that I am ripe NOW. That it is time NOW.

No! I protest. I don’t want to be ripe NOW!

That means I’ll have to do something, be someone, stand up and be seen – and I’m not ripe or sweet enough to be really seen yet, am I?


I bite through the fear and tear open the protective green jacket.

There’s more sweetness than I thought. I’m stronger than I thought. I’m more courageous than I thought. I’m more ready than I thought.

OK, then.

It’s harvest time.


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