Put this in your cauldron and boil it.

In my meditation this morning, I heard a quiet voice say, “The hardest part is waiting.” 

I’m not sure about you, but for me, the betwixt and between place – that place where you’re neither here nor there in life – is the hardest part.

It’s the waiting place. The not knowing exactly which way to turn place. It’s the intuitively felt but not yet quite clear place. It’s the space of glimpsing something that feels real, but then it’s gone again, the very next second. It’s the liminal place: a place of pure potential, yet no actual direction.

For me, it’s a time when all I can do is tend to the cauldron, keeping an eye on the flame, making sure it’s neither too high nor too low.

It’s a time when it may seem to the outside world like I’m not “doing anything,” yet in actuality, a time when my inner cauldron is bubbling and brewing, cooking and stewing. And to take the lid off prematurely could affect the feast’s flavor immensely.

Therefore, it’s a time of deep, devoted patience and occasionally stirring.

It simply feels like the hardest part to me, especially in the busy, hyper-productivity-focused world we live in (not to mention the fact that my ego doesn’t like slow, patient cooking and stewing one bit).

But today, I will pause. I will be patient. I will tend this cauldron’s contents. I will wait.


3 thoughts on “Put this in your cauldron and boil it.

  1. Gage, This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for this post. I will tend to my cauldron…

    Sending love and appreciation for you! Stephanie

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